Tiempe AcuCosmetics™Semi-permanent Make up

Imagine waking up with perfectly defined eyes and brows, or beautifully enhanced lips? Semi-permanent make up (SPMU), achieved using micropigmentation, can boost your confidence, freshen your appearance and make you look years younger. Better still it will last all day, doesn’t smudge, doesn’t need to be removed before bed and doesn’t take ages to apply each morning. It is ideal for busy women who need to speed up their makeup routine or who play sports, and whilst it more often associated with women, there are subtle SPMU treatments that are popular with men. Of course, SPMU isn’t just about being practical and saving time in your routines – it is also excellent for those people whose brows and lashes are affected by medical conditions or ageing. At Tiempe, we complement our semi-permanent make up treatments with a TCM balancing and tonification treatment in order to make it a more relaxing experience, maximise pain relief and improve the condition of your skin to assist with the retention of pigment. You can choose between acupuncture or needle-free Korean Hand Therapy.

Before any treatment you will be offered a full consultation, allergy test, and colour and skin tone analysis. The consultation will also cover the desired shape, method of application and any other questions you may have. Once your first treatment has been completed you will be invited back for a review and retouch, if required, to achieve the perfect result.