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There are few things more precious than our skin. Its condition affects our mood, feeling of well being and emotions. Good skin health boosts the immune system and helps fight the common skin problems caused by today’s hectic lifestyles and our environment. And when we look good, we feel great. The saying goes that ‘beauty is only skin deep’ but at Tiempe we don’t believe this – we believe that beauty comes from within. All of our treatments incorporate TCM such as acupuncture (or an alternative needle-free TCM therapy), treating you systemically to balance Qi and tonify your body from the inside out, and we combine this with a range of other western skin rejuvenation techniques to treat the skin locally, complemented by our own range of effective skincare products.

Our natural organic, hypoallergenic products are based on research into what works and as you would expect they are kind to your skin, to animals and to the environment. Made in Britain, they are parabens, sulphate and alcohol free, contain no animal derivatives, are not tested on animals, and tests have shown that they consistently perform better than even the most expensive high street skincare brands.

At Tiempe we don’t have a one size fits all approach – protocols are tailored to the needs of clients with individual acupuncture prescriptions and treatment combinations, and we aren’t in the business of making false promises!

We sell only genuine unicorns…

Let’s be honest here, our facial rejuvenation treatments won’t make you look 20 years younger but what they will do is make you look better in a more subtle way that won’t go unnoticed. By softening wrinkles and fine lines, ‘waking up your skin’, balancing your Qi and tonifying your system you will have a healthier glow and luminescence to your skin that leaves you looking good and feeling better, and leaves other people wondering what your secret is to looking so great.

Our anti-ageing treatments are excellent for slowing down the effects that our busy lifestyles have on our skin and wellbeing – we have treatment protocols for people of all ages and it is never too early or too late to start investing in ageing well. Whether you are in your teens or 20s suffering with acne, in your 30s and just noticing the first laughter lines, in your 40s with a few more wrinkles on show, in your 50s and wishing you had started sooner to look after your skin or you are older still, we believe that you shouldn’t give in to ageing gracefully – at Tiempe we believe that WE SHOULD ALL AGE DISGRACEFULLY – and we are here to help you with that!

And of course, wanting to look good and feel better isn’t just a ‘woman thing’ – whether you are male, female, cis or trans, in fact whoever you are, everyone has their own insecurities, everyone is welcome and there are Tiempe treatment protocols to suit you.

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