Semi-permanent eyeliner is the ideal solution for people with busy, active or athletic lifestyles, for those who suffer from alopecia or allergies, who have sparse eyelashes or who just have difficulty applying cosmetic make up. Semi-permanent eyeliner enhances the shape and accentuates the colour of the eyes making them appear larger and more defined. It can be applied to the upper, lower or both lash lines and you can choose from crisp defined or smokey eyeliner. Black is the most popular choice for eyeliner, however there is a whole array of colours to choose from including brown, grey, blue, green and purple. Your desired eyeliner enhancement can be achieved in several different ways.

Before any treatment you will be offered a full consultation, allergy test, and colour and skin tone analysis. The consultation will also cover the desired shape, method of application and any other questions you may have. Once your first treatment has been completed you will be invited back for a review and retouch, if required, to achieve the perfect result.

Eyelash enhancement

Eyelash enhancement is a subtle treatment where pigment is implanted between the lashes along the lash line thus defining the eye and making the eyelashes appear thicker.


Eyeliner is shaded through and beyond the eyelashes to look like a drawn on eyeliner. Ultra-thick dramatic eyeliner with Latino flicks may require additional treatments to achieve the desired look and we tend to advise against it.

Eyelash enhancement for men

Over the past decade male grooming has become more important to the majority of men and the lash enhancement procedure has become an increasingly popular treatment to ‘open up the eyes’ and give the impression of thicker eyelashes. This is a subtle treatment and does not look like ‘old fashioned’ guyliner.

Semi Permanent Make Up - Frequently Asked Questions

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