Fuller looking, perfectly shaped sumptuous lips can be achieved by SPMU without the need for injectable fillers. As you age, the border of the lip becomes less defined as its own pigmentation fades and lipstick has a tendency to bleed into the surrounding skin. However, using SPMU the perfect pout can be created by adding natural colour to achieve the look of fullness and definition. Uneven or unsymmetrical lips can be corrected and where necessary size and shape can be altered. SPMU lip blush redefines the border and adds a subtle hint of colour. Your SPMU technician will blend a bespoke colour to suit your hair, skin tone and natural colouring and complexion.

Just add a dab of gloss or lip conditioner daily to enhance your look. And of course, you can still apply lipstick as usual on those occasions when you want a different, more dramatic look.

Lip Blush

Lip Blush is the most popular SPMU lip treatment. The lips are lined and then colour is softly blended and shaded towards the centre of the lip creating the illusion of volume. Contour effects can be achieved by using a mix of lighter and darker colours. A dab of lip gloss and you’re good to go

It is recommended that if you have suffered from cold sores at any time, you should contact your GP for a prescription of aciclovir (Zovirax) tablets or similar to help prevent a possible outbreak. These should be taken 5 days before and after the treatment.

Before any treatment you will be offered a full consultation, allergy test, and colour and skin tone analysis. The consultation will also cover the desired shape, method of application and any other questions you may have. Once your first treatment has been completed you will be invited back for a review and retouch, if required, to achieve the perfect result.

Semi Permanent Make Up - Frequently Asked Questions

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