Treatment Banquets

Whilst you can book individual treatments – our standard price list is below – many of our treatments are complementary, in the words of Jack Johnson, they are …Better Together.  Everyone is different – at Tiempe there is no one size fits all – and your treatment plan will be bespoke to you, however following lots of requests from our clients we have put together a selection of suggested Treatment Banquets which combine several treatments for greater effect and better value. It is never too soon or too late to look after your skin! Now is always the ideal time to de-stress, iron out your wrinkles and get your skin in sparkling health to face the year ahead. And because they have proved so popular we are keeping our UNICORN DISCOUNT offers open for a little longer.  All Treatment Banquets can be bought to give as gifts – and we are always happy to work with you to build your own bespoke Pick & Mix Treatment Banquet. Just let us know your budget and we can put together a special experience that you or your loved ones are sure to enjoy.  Click here to send us a message or call to book.



Tiempe Zen AcuBalance Therapy£25
AcuBalance Therapy Plus£45
Cosmetic Acupuncture Lift£80
Meso-Needling (Meso Me/Meso Vytal/Meso Amiea£65
Targeted Micro-Needling/MCAfrom £60 P.O.A
Deep Micro-Needlingfrom £60 P.O.A
Glycolic Acid Peel£40
Lactic Acid Peel£40
Mandelic Acid Peel40
Layered Peel £50
Algae Peel off Mask£38
Diamond Peel/Diamond Dermabrasion£45
HydraSpa Facial £60
FaceFit™ Workout No 1 - Manual£40
FaceFit™ Workout No 2 - Manual & Electrotherapy£60
Express FaceFit™ Workout£25
Cosmetic Gus Sha£35
Body Gua Sha£45
ILLUMINATION Photo Dynamic Light Therapyfrom £15 P.O.A
LVL Lashes£45
Anna Phylactic Treatment Banquet£45
Cheddar Gorgeous Treatment Banquet£65


Nano 3D Hair Stroke Brow£295
Powder Brow£310
Ombre Powder Brow£325
Male Brow£270
Combination Brow (Hairstroke & Powder)£340
Combination Ombre Brow£350
Eyelash Enhancement £220 (upper only)
£240 (upper and lower)
Eyeliner£250 (upper only)
£270 (upper and lower)
Male Liner£220 (upper only)
£240 (upper and lower)
Lip Blush£320 (full blush)
£290 (liner blush)
Medical TattooingP.O.A
TOP UP prices vary – please get in touch for a price
All initial treatments include a top up within 12 weeks
Discounts available for multiple treatments
Discounts available for members of NW Alopecia Support Network
Discounts available for NHS staff


Acupuncture£45 per session
Cupping£45 per session
Gua Sha£45 per session

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