traceytiempeTiempe’s founder, Tracey Phillips is a fully qualified SPMU technician, having trained with Finishing Touches Group and Dawn Cragg, MBE. She also has three degrees in chemistry, law and acupuncture – an unusual combination but then again she is an unusual person. As you might guess from the degrees in chemistry and law, she is very much about the science and the evidence and being able to prove things. Initially, this caused a problem when she started the Acupuncture degree (a BSc honours in Traditional Chinese Medicine from the University of Salford that also included western medicine and research method modules) when during the first few weeks she felt as if she was doing a Degree in Fairy Tales. This all changed when she started the clinical practice and saw the results that the acupuncture was bringing about and the positive impact it was having on the quality of patients’ lives. Acupuncture has been used in China and other Eastern countries for over 2000 years and whilst its diagnostic descriptions might sound strange in the 21st century, if you take the time to consider the principles behind TCM then you will soon see that based on the tools available to doctors 2000 years ago when TCM was evolving and developing then there is an integrity and sense to it. TCM is all about energy and balance and few people would argue that having enough energy and feeling well balanced aren’t important factors in feeling good.

There are lots of websites that can explain about TCM in more detail hence we have included links to other sites that you might find interesting. Similarly, we have provided links to website resources that cover things from a more western and scientific perspective.

The approach Tiempe advocates is to look at things from every angle, weigh up the evidence, see what works and what is right for you, hence our East meets West protocols are holistic in the truest meaning of the word. With Tiempe you don’t have to choose between the scientific approach to skin care or the traditional ‘natural’ approach – we bring you the best of both worlds in a bespoke treatment that is designed just for you. Do our treatments work?  Well, most of our business comes from recommendations from satisfied customers but don’t just take their word or ours for how good Tiempe treatments are – come along and try for yourself. We’re sure you won’t be disappointed.

At Tiempe, we believe there is no room for complacency and continuing professional development is at the forefront of everything we do. We’re always looking to improve and introduce new products and services, hence we offer regular model slots at significantly reduced cost where we try out new products and techniques.

We hope you enjoy browsing our website. It is very much a work in progress and we would love to have your feedback. We try not to take ourselves too seriously and truly believe that if you do nothing else – no treatments, no products – then just remember to smile. We guarantee just that one simple thing will make you look good and feel better.


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