Further Information on Skin Peels

Tiempe uses peel solutions containing alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) such as glycolic acid, lactic acid or mandelic acid as the exfoliating agent. Depending on the AHA concentration, the resulting depth of the peel on the skin can range from superficial (also known as micro or light peels) to medium. Superficial peels offer far less dramatic improvement than medium peels and are usually done as an immediate precursor to another treatment such as Tiempe No7 AcuMeso.

Overall, you can expect minor to major improvement in fine lines and wrinkles, skin discolorations, skin texture, rebuilding of collagen, removal of blackheads, and a temporary reduction in excessive oil production. None of our peels are tested on animals, however lactic acid peels include an extract from sour milk so aren’t suitable for vegans.

What Can a Peel Do…and Not Do?

With any peel it is important to know what’s possible so you can keep your expectations realistic and spare yourself disappointment. Chemical peels cannot remove or reduce the appearance of blood vessels on the skin, they cannot change the appearance of enlarged pores, they do not have an effect on keloid (raised) scarring, they do not work as a face-lift, and they are of more limited benefit for improving skin discoloration for those with darker skin colour.

They can make skin smoother, help fade brown spots and an uneven skin tone caused by sun damage, and generally make skin’s surface look fresher and younger. Having peels done on a regular basis (say, every 4-6 weeks) can lead to collagen stimulation that improves the appearance of wrinkles. 

Deep peels can achieve more significant improvements but the risk of complications increases proportionately.

Deep peel complications can include scarring, infection, temporary or permanent changes in skin colour, and cold sore breakouts for those with a history of cold sores. For these reasons, Tiempe DOES NOT offer deep peels. The peels offered by Tiempe are safe and have few associated risks. Some redness, swelling, and increased skin sensitivity can occur with superficial peels and you might also experience a period of intense flaking as the old, damaged skin is replaced by fresh, smooth new skin but most people experience very limited downtime.

Often, several shallow to medium-depth peels can achieve similar results to one deep-peel treatment, with less post-procedure risk and a shorter recovery time. For more dramatic results, we suggest complementing your skin peels with other Tiempe treatments such as AcuMeso or MCA.  All chemical peels offered by Tiempe include a Tiempe Zen AcuBalance treatment.